The Beginning

The Beginning

The truth is out there for you to find. The only thing that is stopping you is yourself.  So you no longer fall for the same tricks and you are beginning to understand how the world works only to learn that all is not as it seems. Truth is not the same for everyone but through understanding comes insight which can lead to action.

It’s hard living in today’s world. So much hardship and suffering all around but woven in between there is also beauty, passion and above all, love. Where can you look to find answers in a world almost based entirely on lies.

This Blog will try and give as much information as possible in the hopes that anybody can find the truth for themselves and decide what to do if anything at all. We live in world of uncertainty and answers are difficult to find to some of the more pressing questions. There are many of us wanting to help each other hoping that tomorrow’s life will be better for everyone.

Please browse through the content with an open mind. I don’t believe anyone has all the answers but a clearer picture can be seen how it fits all together with some time and patience. I have been on some of these topics for  handful of years now and I see no  clear end in sight to content let alone interpretation.

Please do not enter with hate in your heart, please try to respect different viewpoints and levels of understanding. Too often have I seen forums disassembled  because of bickering and I will not allow that. The content will range in scope with some as fact while others may be fiction.  Understand everyone is different and can contribute in their own unique way and we are all still learning to some degree.

Have you ever wondered why the world is the way it is? When I was just a child I asked my parents on this and they replied the same I bet many other parents do. It simply is my son. I never understood that and to this day I strive to understand better. Why are there so many wars? Why do so many people all over the world starve, die and suffer on a daily basis? Why has ‘the good things’ you have heard of happening to help alleviate all the ills not had any permanent effect, as there always seems to be more bad around each corner. I found myself asking these questions and decided to find out. What I found I did not entirely expect but I persevered. I have looked in all the usual places for some of these answers but found a lot of it were just lies. Let me be blunt in saying that tackling any of these subject is not to be taken as a joke. There are some serious claims by various individuals that are well documented and verified which may sound completely absurd to some. If you are not ready to have your world views shattered then you could be in for a ride. There are many people out there who have specific instructions to discredit much of what is out there, I myself have had some encounters with them. Ignoring it because you do not believe a word of it or you prefer to occupy your thoughts and time with the media propaganda and commercial distractions was how I spent a good portion of my life but I found after a while t was unsatisfactory. If you are here now you know something is wrong. I found myself utterly engulfed in the many levels and corridors within the world of truth seeking. If you take the wrong turn you could end up drinking some cool aid that will have some permanently negative effects on your life. Who do you trust? How do you know which information is correct and which is false?

Fear is tool that has been used throughout the ages and it is the primary driving force behind much of the negative aspects who wish you harm. Once you learn of the‘tools of the trade’ you start to identify them and begin to look at them from a different perspective. The process to all this information is often referred to as an awakening because the individual starts to break down barriers and layers that they were not even aware of before. The experience can be empowering but it is up to the individual to decide what to do from then onwards. Because the mechanisms and forces being used against us is often too oppressive and horrific the ostrich or sheep effect is often the only real method of coping as many feel overpowered by it or powerless to do anything about it. This was the desired effect but you are far from powerless. I have verified the information I will post as best I can and will cite my references. Never believe a word I say. Check the facts and do your own ‘homework’. One thing I am very certain of is that we have been lied to by the people in power for a very long time. With that being said… who exactly are these people and why are they doing this? Keep in mind that not all the people who belong to some of these groups are bad people.

Here are some of the topics I hope to express my interest in

Please stay Tuned.

  •   Forgotten Knowledge, Ancient Civilizations & Lost Continents
  •   Geo engineering,Chemical & Biological Warfare, Earth & Climate Change
  •   Esoteric, Spiritual and alternative living
  •   Extra Terrestrials, Ufo’s & Celestial Phenomenon
  •   Astronomy, Astrology& Timelines, Sacred Geometry, Megalith’s, Numerology
  •   The Illuminati, Secret Societies, Freemasons, Knights, Scholars & Alchemists
  •   Anonymous, Wikileaks, Occupy Everything,  Hidden Technology & Science
  •   Alternative Medicine & Big Pharma
  •   Geo Politics, Economy, Religion, Finance, Corporations & War
  •   Free Energy, Harmonics & Light Vibrations
  •   The Truthing Community ,Insider/Whistleblowers, Black Ops, Psyops,
  •   Cover-ups & Shadow Government
  •   Mind Control, Mass Media & Banking Elite

 And Much Much More, Until Then…

Good Hunting



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