Update On Global Events – 8 July 2012

This week we see more pressure being applied to governmental and financial institutions. As these probes continue it could reach to the very core and we could see the planned demolition of the global financial system when that happens. In the states, residents and businessmen filed records of conduct against Bank Of America CEO Brian Moynihan amounting to alleged racketeering .While In Europe 3 senior officials at Barclays resigned and after paying fines of $435 million, the British parliament have by a vote of 330 to 226 decided to launch its own investigating into the banking system. – Washington Post 

Racketeering Evidence Filed Against Bank Of America CEO

“Washington DC, May 5 – Dr Joseph Zernik, Los Angeles County Resident, filed with law enforcement, with banking regulators, and with chairs of congress judiciary and banking committees detailed evidence – over 70 records – of conduct by Bank of America and its president/CEO Brian Moynihan – amounting to alleged racketeering at the courts in Los Angeles County, California.” – Examiner

Libor Fixing Criminal Probe Launched

“Britain’s Serious Fraud Office said Friday that it has formally opened a criminal investigation of the manipulation of a key market interest rate that has shaken Barclays.”

“Regulators are known to be looking into similar allegations against other banks in Britain and elsewhere, but Barclays is the only bank so far to have been publicly found to have been shamed.”

“Managers were concerned that its submissions, which were consistently higher than other banks, indicated that the company was having trouble borrowing money because it was in financial trouble.” – Cbc News

Irish Times: British Bankers Face police Inquiry
NYtime: More Info On The Libor Scandal/Crimes
BBC: Serious Fraud Office Launches Libor Investigation

The labor ‘scandal’ is just the tip of the iceberg. Banks always get bailed out by the central banks or pay lunch money in fines for their wrong doings. The investigations are now extending to banks & individuals in other countries.

“RBS is among 16 banks currently under investigation by U.K. and U.S. regulators for artificially keeping the benchmark LIBOR low during the global economic crisis of 2008 by downplaying borrowing rates.”- Forbes

“Germany’s markets regulator has launched a special probe into Deutsche Bank over suspected manipulation of interbank lending rates, joining authorities around the globe investigating the world’s largest banks” – Reuters

“The harsh light of the Libor rate-fixing scandal has crossed the Atlantic, with both Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase saying regulators and investigators have requested information from them in a so-far preliminary probe of the case.” –Straitstimes

“Spain’s top National Court said Wednesday it would examine fraud, embezzlement and stock price manipulation charges against 33 officials. Among them is Rodrigo Rato, the bank’s former chairman and the IMF’s managing director from 2004 to 2007.” –Voanews

“A European Union prosecutor in Kosovo indicted 11 suspects including a deputy prime minister on corruption charges on Friday”  – Reuters

It’s Not Libor Stupid, Central Banks Are The Problem

“Not only are at least twenty more big banks under investigation as part of a massive fraud to manipulate interbank lending rates that affect some $800 trillion in loans and derivatives, but the Bank of England is about to take center stage in the scandal, and that’s bad news for central banks around the world.” – Which is good news for the rest of us.

“Because it’s proof there are crooks out there and this time it’s easy to see where the “fix” actually occurs. It’s also good news because according to one multinational banking executive, just quoted in the Economist, it’s “the banking industry’s tobacco moment.” 

“The bad news is the Bank of England, one of the world’s stalwart and oldest central banks, is about to face its own potential Lehman moment (at least we can hope). That’s on account of the fact that Paul Tucker, deputy governor of the Bank of England (and its supposed next top dog), is going to have to come clean in front of Parliament very shortly.”

 “If we break up all the too-big-to-fail banks we won’t need central banks. We can go back to what are supposed to be free markets dictating interest rates and creating honest, open economies and opportunities everywhere.” – Forbes –https://astrosurfer333.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=160&action=edit&message=6

Keiser Report States J.P Morgan Trading Loss actually $9 Billion With Reporter Who Broke Story First

Teri Buhl  

 Stressed Bank Of England Official Stabbed Self to Death

“The body of Christopher Dymond, 52, was discovered in a secluded car park in Heron gate, Essex. Mr. Dymond is believed to have been heavily involved in the transfer of responsibility and power for bank regulation from the Financial Services Authority to the Bank of England in the weeks leading up to his death in his role managing IT services.” – Telegraph – 

More: 3 Central Banks Take Action In Sign Of Alarm

Technical Glitches, Account Halts, DDoS Attacks & Leaks

Banks all over the world are experiencing ‘technical difficulties’ while the probes into various ‘scandals’ increase.

“About 100,000 customers were left out of pocket yesterday after the Royal Bank of Scotland was at the centre of a new computer meltdown which left users with non updated account balances”

“The hitch came a fortnight after the RBS computer breakdown left millions of customers of NatWest, owned by RBS, unable to access their cash.” – Daily Mail

“Ulster Bank business – a prominent bank in Ireland – started facing serious problems with their banking accounts. A technical glitch in Ulster Bank’s system resulted in loss of access for almost all of the bank’s 100,000+ customers, who could not access their money or make payments”

Now it can be revealed that RBS is battling a court ruling to hand over confidential internal documents which could contain evidence that its traders were also actively involved in the manipulation of the inter-bank rate.”

“The other accused bankers include Peter O’Leary, an executive at HSBC, Stuart Wiley and Paul Glands from JP Morgan, and Guillaume Adolph, from Deutsche Bank. All have been suspended by the FSA.” – Telegraph

More: German Post Bank Tech Problems (Translated)
Telegraph: Wiki leaks Begins Publishing Tranche Of Syria Emails
PastNews: Over 60 Banks Hacked
Message From Anonymous
“This is not a call to arms. This is a message of nonviolence. War is the result of failed diplomacy. As this message and others spread, the People will continue to make their will to the Government clear. As you can see here, not all politicians are corrupt. In this past year, we have won many victories through nonviolence and we will continue to do so!”

– Operation Blackout Phase 2 Success.
– Operation Blackout Phase 3 Engaged!

Freedom Of Speech Video


IRS Itself Being Audited For Fraud

The federal agency that strikes fear into many U.S. taxpayers is getting a dose of its own medicine – as it is now the focus of a year-long audit for allowing illegal aliens to scam the system and bilk taxpayers out of billions of dollars every year.

“IRS workers had been told by upper management to ignore the fraud and pay out the refunds to those who did not deserve them”

“We’re tax examiners but the truth is we’re not supposed to look into anything. We’re not supposed to examine anything. It’s like an assembly line. It’s just ‘Get it out of here. Boom. Boom. Boom. Get it out of here and don’t worry about the fraud. Fraud slows us down.” Howard Antelis, a tax examiner at the IRS’

“The audit came after a whistleblower tipped off the agency to rampant abuse involving Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers” –The Inquisitor

RICO Lawsuit Filed Against George Soros and Donald Trump

Rico (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) lawsuits have been filed against Cabal Kingpin George Soros, Donald Trump and 12 other conspirators for their money laundering and invisible interest in Conseco & GM Building NY.

 –The Daily Ron Paul

Class Action Lawsuit Against Church, State & Big Pharma is Given Green Light

“History was made yesterday when the Association of Citizen Prosecutors (ACP), headed by Jason Bowman, took the first step towards in exposing Vatican, Crown of England and other parties, and in holding these cartels to account in the Federal Court of Canada.”

““We expected to simply file a motion … Instead, the Court directed that we file not only the ex-parte motion materials, but also our entire Application a full week earlier than we were expecting. Naturally, I was elated.””

“The ACP-ITCCS lawsuit is the first of its kind: a class action aimed at so-called heads of state, including the Pope and the Queen of England, on behalf of victims of alleged crimes against humanity committed by churches, governments and corporations.” –ITCCS

Vatican Searched By Italien Financial Police (Translated)

More As the News Comes…








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