Breaking Point

There are many issues currently unfolding since I last posted. It is becoming increasingly difficult to know what is really happening in the world. Blood has been spilt, governments toppled, light sabers crossed and financial institutions rattled to the core. Something big is unfolding but it has been in the works for some time. The proverbial bad guys seem to be taking heavy punches now. How long will it last? When will it not be needed any more? To be honest I do not know but we are getting closer. They will trash and beat with their dying breath and only when it is done will it be done.


Until that moment comes, we fight. I have committed myself to this end and will continue to do so. Many are exhausted, some gave up while others burn the midnight oil. This is our choice, we do so because we must.


My attention for the moment is focussed on what is happening in the middle east and in the ukraine. I firmly believe it to be the stage for the global game presently. The would be monopoly masters of the world are beginning to buckle as the tide is slowly turning against them. There was no real way out for them to begin with but they have tried very hard. The reasons are varied and in the following weeks and months I hope to delve more into it.


An historic moment was recently witnessed when troops/militants after years of bombings and shootings in syria, left with their tails behind their legs. This to me is an indicator that the cabal for a lack of a better word are indeed losing the overall battle.


“And so the thugs from NATO and the Zionists and these other bad actors who make their livings by stealing money from the rest of us so that they can go around the world trying to overthrow governments, they’re going to have to go find somewhere else to go to make their mischief,”


I hear whispers and rumours of what is going on behind the scenes and if only a fraction of that is true we are in for a very interesting time ahead but do not expect change over night or something outlandish. Of course it boils down to perspective because most would skip over information like this. Everyone wants the aliens to come down. While I wait for something that may never happen I hope everyone understands that the true power of freedom lies within their own grasp. It is up to you to help the world break free from its oppressors. If we cannot do it ourselves what is the point if it is done for us.


You are the change the world has been waiting for.



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