Net Neutrality is under attack

I watched the whole proceedings live as the fcc gave its ruling. I do not know much about this topic I say with shame. All I know is that tom wheeler is a leaky bunghole. Cispa Failed, Sopa Failed, this is their next attempt to control the net. The more they try and control the more we will fight back. I see a johnny mnemonic world unfolding right in front of my eyes. A culture created away from the system, an underground while the rich and influential reap the best. This has to end. Speak your mind. There are 120 days for the public to have its say.

The Federal Communication Commission voted Thursday morning to move forward with proposed rules for net neutrality that may affect the concept of an open internet as it exists today.

Headed by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, the five-person committee agreed during a hearing in Washington, DC early Thursday to open up recently proposed rules concerning the future of net neutrality for comment, effectively allowing interested parties 120 days beginning immediately to weigh in on those recommendations ahead of a final decision expected later this year.

The Wheeler-authored proposal addresses problems that gave way in January when a federal appeals court reversed an earlier ruling, in turn deciding that Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, can legally prioritize some web traffic over others. In response, Wheeler circulated among his committee a notice of proposed rule making addressing the DC Circuit Court of Appeals’ remand of portions of the Commission’s 2010 Open Internet Order and proposing enforceable rules to protect and promote the open Internet.

The rules, Wheeler said last month, will mandate that all ISPs “not act in a commercially unreasonable manner to harm the internet, including favoring the traffic from an affiliated entity.”

To be very direct, the proposal would establish that behavior harmful to consumers or competition by limiting the openness of the Internet will not be permitted,” he wrote on his official FCC blog last month.


Opponents of the chairman’s proposal, however, have voiced concern that approving his recommendations would create an internet “fast track” of sorts in which content producers would be able to pay different rates to deliver websites, streaming videos and other content to consumers.

Criticism directed towards Wheeler’s proposal has gained traction in recent weeks, and protesters have been sleeping in tents outside of the FCC headquarters in the United States capital for day ahead of Thursday’s hearing, engaging in conversation with commissioners throughout the week.

On his part, though, Wheeler has insisted adamantly in the recent weeks since word of his proposal started to surface that those rules would not ravish the concept of a free and open internet, as some critics have feared.


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