Africa Fights Back, 200 Boko Haram Militants Killed

I have a friend who frequently travels to upper parts of africa, he tells me the nigerian people do not care very much if you are black or white. If you are the right person for the job you are the right person. He also says they don’t take thing lying down. My own experience with them has left me out of breath at times.

The false flag ‘operation boko haram’ instigated by the puppeteers is being met with strong opposition by local civilians.. This is africa beating its drum once more signaling they are not going to be taking this sitting down. This is excellent news. Death is never something to be proud or excited about but times are extreme. The puppeteers have killed hundreds of thousands over the years

Nigerian people have organized self-defense detachments to fight militants from the Boko Haram organization. The detachments have already killed 200 militants.

A military conflict between the self-defense detachments and the militants occurred in Kala/Balge, Borno State, at the border with Cameroon. The militia managed to foresee Boko Haram’s attack and seize the militants’ arms and transport.

The term Boko Haram means “Westernization is a sin.” Terrorists from this organization usually attack schools. In mid April they kidnapped more than 270 schoolgirls from a lycée in the town of Shibok. The terrorists said that they were ready to sell them as slaves or marry them off. Boko Haram followers want to create an Islamic state in the north of Nigeria.

Source: Voice Of Russia


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