Indipenent GMO Study

This is long overdue. Our frame of reference on the safety of genetically modified food is only so diverse. If there is nothing wrong with it there is no harm in having more people study it. You would think folks would be thrilled so more can be understood and desciminated and reproduced. Surely its more important to solve world hunger than to keep patents and profit.. There are many countries that have banned certain gmo seeds, pesticides and food stuffs in recent years. Are they all just nuts? Somehow I don’t think so. If the world leaders track record and the massive amounts of money being spent on anti gmo labeling campaigns is anything to go by I suspect there is more than meets the eye. Don’t get me wrong. It is vital war, world hunger and disease to stop but like most solutions the bad guys have their sticky fingers in everything.

“The GSPA is raising funds from as many sources as possible for the experiment to come up to the group’s claims – the first-ever independent international research on GMO.”

Source: Rt News


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