Let The Cyber Finger Pointing Begin

Never mind that both parties have hacked into each other the states is pushing for legal proceedings against a chinese hacker for hacking into private sector computers to sniff trade secrets. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!


The US has charged five Chinese military members with hacking into private-sector companies, in the first cyber-espionage case of its kind.

Attorney General Eric Holder is to give details of the charges against the hackers accused of breaking into US companies to gain trade secrets.

The US and China have previously sparred over cyber attacks, with the US accusing China of attacking American companies and government targets.

China says it faces similar attacks.

Among the alleged victims were the United States Steel Corporation, Alcoa Inc, Allegheny Technologies, and a labor union, Reuters reported.

Last year, cyber-defence company Mandiant published a report on a Chinese military unit the firm said was behind the vast majority of significant attacks on American federal agencies and companies.

In March, Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel said the Pentagon planned to more than triple its cyber-security capabilities in the next few years to defend against such internet attacks.



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