Update On Global Events – 8 July 2012

This week we see more pressure being applied to governmental and financial institutions. As these probes continue it could reach to the very core and we could see the planned demolition of the global financial system when that happens. In the states, residents and businessmen filed records of conduct against Bank Of America CEO Brian Moynihan amounting to alleged racketeering .While In Europe 3 senior officials at Barclays resigned and after paying fines of $435 million, the British parliament have by a vote of 330 to 226 decided to launch its own investigating into the banking system. – Washington Post 

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Update on Global Events

Reports of scandals, protests and financial horror have been steadily pouring into my inbox since my last post . Many people would find this news terribly boring and would skip on to the next ‘quick fix’ of information. These events are as important as they are incredible. I have been watching the slow demise of the financial behemoth for some time now and I am noticing an increase in severity and frequency as more and more seems to be bubbling to the surface. Some of these events are mentioned on mainstream media as it is becoming increasingly difficult to hide from the world what is happening. The opposite is also true and can be seen with the media blackout of the global protests.

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